Various Ways to Overcome Impotence Naturally

Impotence or erectile dysfunction is a condition when the penis is unable to get an erection or when the erection only lasts for a short time. Erectile dysfunction can also be a lack of male sexual desire. This condition can be a complication of other more serious diseases, such as diabetes.
Impotence is not a serious health disorder. However, if it lasts for a long time, the inability to get an erection or maintain an erection can cause the sufferer to feel embarrassed and stressed because he doesn’t feel “mighty”. This can also have a negative impact on the relationship with your partner.
How to Overcome Impotence Naturally
You need to know that impotence can be triggered by various things. One of them is an unhealthy lifestyle.
Therefore, you can try to overcome impotence by changing your unhealthy lifestyle, whether it is in terms of nutritional intake, sleep patterns, or physical activity. The following are healthy lifestyle tips that are also ways to overcome impotence:
1. Consumption of high-nutrient foods
Factors causing erectile dysfunction include high cholesterol levels and obesity. Both of these factors can be overcome by consuming healthy foods, especially those that are effective for lowering cholesterol levels.
To get an erection, the penis requires a lot of blood flow. For that, you can also eat a variety of foods that can improve heart function and blood flow, including:
  • Green vegetables, such as spinach and celery
  • Dark chocolate (dark chocolate)
  • Fruits, such as tomatoes, watermelons, and beets
  • Nuts, such as pistachios or peanuts
In addition, you can also try eating libido-boosting foods, such as oysters, almonds, or ginseng.
2. Do exercise regularly
In addition to eating healthy foods, exercising regularly can also be a way to overcome impotence. Train the strength of the pelvic floor muscles, with Kegel exercises 2 times a day for example, can help erections last longer.
In addition, by exercising regularly, you can achieve an ideal body weight, lower bad cholesterol levels, as well as increase blood flow throughout the body. All of these things can help with impotence.
3. Get enough sleep
To help treat erectile dysfunction, make sure you get enough sleep. The reason is, poor sleep patterns can reduce testosterone levels, the hormone that plays a role in erections and male sexual arousal.
4. Stop smoking and consuming alcoholic beverages
Smoking can trigger the narrowing of blood vessels, including the blood vessels of the penis. This will obviously reduce the blood flow that the penis needs for an erection. Meanwhile, consumption of alcoholic beverages can reduce the production of nitrogen oxide compounds needed to dilate blood vessels during an erection.
If you have a habit of smoking or consuming alcoholic beverages, stopping these habits can be the right solution for you to prevent or overcome impotence.

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