Night Skincare Routine For Glowing Skin

A nighttime skincare routine is a great way to keep your skin looking healthy and glowing. It starts with removing makeup and cleansing the skin, using a remover or gentle cleanser to get rid of oil-based products like sunscreen, foundation, and concealer. After, you can use toners or serums formulated with hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, retinol, or other skincare products tailored to your skin concern. This helps to effectively remove any residual dirt and dead skin cells that may have been left behind. To deeply hydrate the skin, you can apply an oil-based moisturizer or night cream to help alleviate dryness and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Additionally, sunscreen should be reapplied every morning before going out in order to protect from sun damage. Lastly, double cleansing at night with a gentle cleanser will help ensure all makeup residue has been eliminated for a truly glowing complexion!

We understand your morning freshness and your zeal to look good. But don’t you think to give your face a fresh night skincare routine before you are off to sleep?

Keep your favorite Netflix series aside for some time and let your social media catch up with more news feeds. Just give everything a break of 10 -15 minutes. While you get your hands to your face to make it smooth and refreshing.

Why cultivate a Night Skincare Routine?

The A.M. hours are the best time to let your skin settle and rejuvenate from the daytime oil and dirt. It becomes a faster and easier process of restoration as it makes the skin more durable for the daytime. Keeping it far from the damaging elements like sun, wind, stress, and debris. So, are you all ready to give it a shot and looking for the best steps to start off with? Let’s begin with the process first so that you can feel the vibe.

Steps to follow for your night skincare routine

1) Remove Makeup

Let’s begin with cleansing your face. Whether you are wearing makeup or not, it is always advisable to start the routine with a good cleanser. It nourishes the skin as it offers argan oil and has no added parabens or alcohol.

2) Cleanse It Up

Now, even after using the cleansing water, you feel like cleaning your face a bit more. You can use a high-quality rinse-off facial cleanser. Which is a mild and non-irritating cleanser. It helps in removing all the impurities from your face that might be remaining post-makeup removal.

3) Tone It Down

It not only gives a soothing effect to your skin cells but also makes the further process easier. So, why not tone it down? which makes your skin clearer and tightens up your pores. The antioxidants of organic green tea will definitely help in controlling unwanted blemishes, pimples, and acne.

4) Face Serum

Now, in order to get nourished and radiant-looking skin, the next step is to apply a face serum. After you are done toning down your skin.  It not only provides nourishment to your skin but also gives the perfect-looking flow. Equipped with argan oil, it is highly effective and radiating.

5) Eye cream

Give a deep massage to the most important and appealing part of your face. Which might get affected due to the endless use of screens or by being a night owl. If you are dealing with it or even if not, use Himalaya Herbals Under Eye Cream and say a final goodbye to those dark circles and wrinkle formations.

6) Moisturize

One thing which should be followed without any suggestion or recommendation. After the eye cream moisturize your skin with this super lightweight gel-type moisturizer – Its non-oily formula keeps all the oiliness and stickiness aside and leaves your skin fresh all day. And the best part is it is suitable for all skin types and for all seasons.  

7) Night Cream

If you want to be specific and maintain a strict and proper night skincare routine. Then you can even get your hand on an amazing night cream.  It is a perfect blend of pure wheat germ, sunflower, almond oil, extracts of carrot, and galangal. It helps in perfectly moisturizing and strengthening your skin for a vital and younger appearance. 

Things to do once or twice a week or Optional


Let the ghost mask help you lighten and brighten your skin with its anti-bacterial nature and enhancing properties. The saffron in it helps in removing the tan. Moreover, the cucumber gives a bright and rejuvenating look. The apricot helps in reducing the aging signs and marks on the skin. The ultimate masks help in taking care of your skin and offer it perfect moisture.


Scrub it off before the acne and blackheads take it over. Scrubs are the best thing to do once or twice a week as it takes out all the dirt particles. It also helps you in giving perfect-looking skin. Its gentle refining actions uncover your skin’s natural brightness. It helps in dissolving the dead surface cells, unclog the pore openings, and gives a soothing effect. 

Habits that help

1) De-Stress

Keeping less stress and burden on your shoulder. Giving yourself a perfect relaxing hour after work can surely help you in giving an ideal look to your skin. De-stress is the best way to spark like a ray of sunshine.

2) Good Diet

A good and healthy diet can give a fresh and glowing skin. A bowl full of fruits and some fresh green veggies are the best to keep up with your skin. It filters the toxins from your blood and maintains healthy skin. 

3) Drinking-Water

Pure and boiled water is the ultimate source of getting hydrated skin and helps in cleaning your pores. A perfect amount of water can help in reducing the acne and pimples on your skin. Also, it helps in giving you clean and clear skin.

4) Face Yoga/Massage

Sooth your skin with the perfect yoga and massage to your face. Let your soft skin glow like never before. Roll down your fingers in the perfect direction on your face to give the best massage. Also, do the best-recommended yoga asanas.

5) Good Amount of Sleep

Don’t sleep like you are done with your life. Have the right amount of sleep to make your skin and life go easier. A perfect and sufficient 8 hours of sleep can help you get glowing and brightening skin.

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