How to Overcome Impotence in the Medical Field

If trying to change your lifestyle still doesn’t solve your impotence, don’t hesitate to see a doctor. There could be other diseases that cause you to experience impotence. After the cause is known and treated, generally the problem of impotence will also be resolved.
Even so, doctors can also give drugs or take action to help restore erectile ability. The following are some ways to overcome impotence that doctors can recommend:
1. Use of certain drugs
Drugs such as sildenafil or viagra, tadalafil, and vardenafil are commonly prescribed for patients with erectile dysfunction. This drug works to increase blood flow to the penis during sexual stimulation.
Usually, this drug is taken by mouth. However, injection of drugs into the penis or urinary tract can also be done, if oral drugs do not work to overcome impotence.
2. Penis vacuum installation
If medication is not effective or causes bothersome side effects, a penis vacuum can also be a way to treat impotence. This tool works by drawing blood into the penis, so the penis can be erect. A penis vacuum or penis pump is used right before sexual intercourse.
3. Psychotherapy
Impotence can be a problem that is quite disturbing for sufferers and their partners. This can make impotence sufferers experience stress or anxiety disorders, causing erectile dysfunction to not improve even though medication is given.
To overcome this, the doctor will refer the patient to a psychologist so that the patient can do counseling that can relieve stress or anxiety.
4. Penile implants
If various ways to treat impotence do not work, the doctor may recommend the patient to get a penile implant. Penile implants are surgical procedures where a special device is placed on the penis to assist erection.
There are various ways to deal with impotence, ranging from healthy eating to medication and counseling. In the market, there are also many herbal medicines that claim their efficacy in overcoming impotence.

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