Many people think a stuffy nose is simply caused by a buildup of mucus in the nasal passages. In fact, nasal congestion occurs due to swelling or inflammation of the blood vessels in the nasal cavity and sinuses. The inflammation can be caused by a sinus infection, allergies, the flu, or a cold.
Various Ways to Overcome a Congested Nose
So that the stuffy nose disappears and you can breathe easy again, here are some powerful ways you can do at home:
Enough fluids
When the nose is blocked due to the flu, you are encouraged to increase the consumption of water. Getting enough fluids can help push the fluid out of your nose and relieve inflammation in your sinuses.
If you also have a sore throat, a warm liquid such as ginger tea can also help relieve the discomfort in your throat.
Use steam
The next way to deal with a blocked nose is to use steam. Steam can help loosen mucus in the nose. Steam can be obtained from a humidifier or through a basin of warm water.
The trick, boil water until it boils, place it in a basin. After that, cover the back of your head with a small towel to make it easier to inhale the steam that comes out of the basin.
Apart from this, you can also get the benefits of steam by taking a warm bath.
Raise your head
Adequate rest is important to relieve a stuffy nose. But unfortunately, a stuffy nose often gets worse when you want to sleep.
To fix this, stack pillows so that the head position is higher. This method can help clear the nasal cavity so that it can overcome nasal congestion on one or both sides.
Rinsing nose
Rinse the nasal cavity using a neti pot and saline solution. A neti pot is a small teapot-shaped container used to remove mucus and fluid from the nasal passages.
For saline solution, you can buy it at a pharmacy or make your own at home. The trick is to mix 1 cup of warm water with a pinch of baking soda and half a teaspoon of salt.
In addition to using a saline solution for rinsing, you can also spray a saline solution to increase the humidity in the nasal cavity.
You can apply the above method to overcome a blocked nose. However, if a blocked nose is very bothersome, you can take a decongestant. Decongestants are drugs to relieve swelling of the nasal cavity. If a stuffy nose is a symptom of an allergy, you can take an antihistamine.
If the nasal congestion and accompanying diseases do not improve, you are advised to consult a doctor to get the right treatment, according to your condition.