Find Your Shade: Colourpop Foundation for Yellow Undertones


Hey there, gorgeous! Finding the right foundation shade is like finding your soulmate in the world of makeup. It’s essential for a flawless and natural-looking complexion. But, as you probably know, it’s not always easy, especially when you have medium yellow undertones. Well, worry no more! Colourpop has got you covered (literally) with their amazing foundation offerings tailored for medium yellow undertones. Let’s dive in and find your perfect match!

Colourpop Foundation Shades for Warm Undertones

Understanding Warm Undertones

First things first, let’s get a grasp on warm undertones. If you have a warm skin tone, your complexion has a golden, yellow, or peachy hue. Your veins may appear greenish, and you’ll notice that gold jewelry tends to complement your skin better than silver. Understanding your undertones is essential for finding the right foundation, as it ensures a seamless blend with your natural skin color.

Identifying Colourpop Foundation Shades Suitable for Warm Undertones

Colourpop offers a variety of foundation shades for those with warm undertones. To find your perfect match, look for shades with “W” or “Y” in the name, indicating warm or yellow undertones. Don’t be afraid to try a few options, as you might find that one shade is an even better match than you initially thought. Remember, the key is to blend and test until you find your true makeup soulmate!

Colourpop Foundation Shades for Warm Undertones

Medium Yellow Skin Tone Makeup Options

How to Identify a Medium Yellow Skin Tone

Medium yellow skin tones are characterized by a warm, golden hue. You might have a sun-kissed appearance or a light olive complexion. To confirm that you have a medium yellow skin tone, check if your skin appears more radiant and healthy when wearing warm colors like oranges, reds, and yellows. If that’s the case, you’ve got that beautiful medium yellow tone we’re talking about!

Tips for Choosing and Applying Makeup for Medium Yellow Undertones

When selecting makeup for medium yellow undertones, opt for warm and earthy shades that complement your skin’s natural glow. Peachy blushes, warm brown eyeshadows, and terracotta lipsticks can work wonders for your complexion. And, when applying your foundation, use a damp makeup sponge or a dense brush to blend it seamlessly into your skin for a natural finish.

Colourpop No Filter Foundation for Yellow-Based Skin

Overview of Colourpop No Filter Foundation

Colourpop’s No Filter Foundation is a game-changer for those with yellow-based skin. This lightweight, buildable formula provides medium to full coverage, ensuring a flawless and natural-looking complexion. Its long-wearing, matte finish makes it perfect for everyday wear or special occasions. Plus, it’s cruelty-free and vegan, so you can feel good about your makeup choice.

Selecting the Right Shade for Yellow-Based Skin Tones

When choosing a Colourpop No Filter Foundation shade for yellow-based skin, look for options that have a “Y” in the name, indicating a yellow undertone. Test the shade on your jawline and blend it down towards your neck to ensure it matches your skin tone. You may also want to take a selfie in natural light, as this can help you see how well the foundation blends with your skin.

Best Colourpop Foundation for Olive Undertones

Characteristics of Olive Undertones

Olive undertones are a unique mix of warm and cool, characterized by a greenish hue. This beautiful complexion is often found in those of Mediterranean, Latin, or Asian descent. If you have olive undertones, you’ll notice that your skin appears more balanced when wearing neutral colors like beige, taupe, and soft pastels. Gold and silver jewelry will also complement your skin equally well.

Top Colourpop Foundation Options for Olive Undertones

Colourpop has some fantastic foundation options for those with olive undertones. Look for shades with “O” in the name or those with a balance of warm and cool tones. Some top picks include the No Filter Foundation in shades Medium 80 and Medium Dark 115, which are specifically designed for olive undertones. Remember, it’s always a good idea to test a few shades to find the one that truly melts into your skin.

Colourpop foundation for medium yellow undertones

Colourpop Makeup for Medium Warm Complexion

Complementary Colourpop Makeup Products

Now that you’ve found your perfect foundation match, it’s time to enhance your medium warm complexion with some complementary Colourpop makeup products. For blush, try their Super Shock Cheek in shades like Quarters or Between the Sheets. For eyeshadows, the Yes, Please! or California Love eyeshadow palettes are a great choice, offering warm, earthy shades that will make your eyes pop. Finally, complete your look with a stunning lip color, like the Lux Lipstick in shades like Foolish or Galore.

Tips for Creating a Cohesive Makeup Look for Medium Warm Complexions

To create a cohesive makeup look for medium warm complexions, focus on harmonizing your makeup with your skin’s natural warmth. Use bronzer to enhance your sun-kissed glow and a peachy or warm pink blush for a healthy flush of color. When choosing eyeshadows, opt for warm shades like golds, bronzes, and rich browns. And for your lips, stick to warm-toned colors like oranges, warm reds, and terracottas. The key is to create a makeup look that accentuates your natural beauty and makes you feel confident and fabulous!

Foundation Matching for Medium Yellow Undertones

Tips for Testing Foundation Shades

Finding the perfect foundation match for medium yellow undertones might take some trial and error. Here are some tips to make the process easier:

  1. Test multiple shades: Don’t be afraid to swatch several shades on your jawline to compare them side by side.
  2. Use natural light: When testing foundation shades, stand near a window or step outside to see how the color looks in natural light.
  3. Wait for it to dry: Foundation shades can change slightly as they dry, so give the product a few minutes to set before making a decision.
  4. Check for oxidation: Some foundations can darken or change color when exposed to air, so wear the foundation for a few hours to see if it still matches your skin tone.

How to Find the Perfect Colourpop Foundation Match

Once you’ve tested a few shades, consider the one that blends seamlessly with your skin and provides the coverage you desire. If you’re still unsure, seek advice from a friend or consult with a makeup professional. And remember, your perfect foundation match might change slightly depending on the season or your skin’s current condition, so don’t be afraid to revisit this process periodically to ensure you’re always rocking the most flawless complexion possible.

Colourpop Cosmetics for Yellow-Toned Skin

Expanding Your Makeup Collection

Now that you’ve found your perfect Colourpop foundation match, it’s time to explore other makeup options that complement your yellow-toned skin. Colourpop offers a wide range of cosmetics suitable for various skin tones, so have fun experimenting with new products and shades that highlight your unique beauty. From eyeliners and mascaras to highlighters and setting powders, there’s a world of makeup possibilities just waiting to be discovered.

Other Colourpop Products Suitable for Yellow-Toned Skin

Some additional Colourpop products that work wonderfully for yellow-toned skin include:

  • Pressed Powder Bronzer in shades like Talk to the Palm or Coconut Beach for a sun-kissed glow.
  • Super Shock Highlighter in shades like Wisp or Lunch Money for a radiant, luminous finish.
  • Ultra Blotted Lip in shades like Zuma or Doozy for a soft, diffused lip color that lasts all day.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match products and shades to create a makeup look that’s uniquely you!

Finding the Right Foundation for Warm Medium Skin

Importance of Undertones in Foundation Selection

When choosing the perfect foundation for warm medium skin, it’s crucial to consider your skin’s undertones. A foundation that matches your skin tone but clashes with your undertones can result in an unnatural or “off” appearance. By finding a foundation that complements your undertones, you’ll achieve a seamless and natural-looking complexion that enhances your skin’s natural beauty.

Strategies for Choosing the Best Foundation for Warm Medium Skin

Here are some helpful strategies for choosing the best foundation for warm medium skin:

  1. Look for foundations with warm or yellow undertones, as these will blend seamlessly with your skin tone.
  2. Test several shades on your jawline and neck to find the best match, keeping in mind that your perfect shade might change with the seasons or your skin’s current condition.
  3. Consider the foundation’s formula, coverage, and finish to ensure it aligns with your desired makeup look and preferences.
  4. Consult with a makeup professional or seek advice from friends and online reviews to help you make an informed decision.

Colourpop No Filter Liquid Foundation for Yellow Hues

Features and Benefits of Colourpop No Filter Liquid Foundation

Colourpop No Filter Liquid Foundation is a fantastic option for those with yellow hues in their skin. This foundation offers a lightweight, buildable formula that provides medium to full coverage. Its long-wearing, matte finish ensures your complexion stays flawless throughout the day, while its cruelty-free and vegan ingredients make it a guilt-free makeup choice. With a wide range of shades designed to cater to various skin tones and undertones, you’re sure to find your perfect match.

How to Apply the Foundation for a Flawless Finish

For a flawless finish with Colourpop No Filter Liquid Foundation, follow these simple steps:

  1. Start with a clean, moisturized, and primed face for a smooth canvas.
  2. Dispense a small amount of foundation onto the back of your hand or a mixing palette.
  3. Using a damp makeup sponge or a dense foundation brush, pick up a small amount of the product and dot it onto your forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin.
  4. Blend the foundation outwards from the center of your face, ensuring you cover your entire face and blend it seamlessly down your neck and jawline.
  5. For areas that need additional coverage, build up the foundation in thin layers, allowing each layer to dry before applying the next.
  6. Set your foundation with a loose setting powder or a pressed powder that matches your skin tone, focusing on the T-zone and any areas that tend to get oily throughout the day.
  7. Finish your makeup look with complementary blush, bronzer, highlighter, eyeshadow, and lip color to enhance your beautiful yellow undertones.

Golden Undertone Foundation Options from Colourpop

Identifying Golden Undertones

Golden undertones are characterized by a warm, radiant complexion with a subtle hint of yellow or gold. You’ll notice that your skin appears healthier and more vibrant when wearing warm colors like oranges, yellows, and reds. Gold jewelry is also likely to complement your skin better than silver. If this sounds like you, you’re blessed with gorgeous golden undertones!

Colourpop Foundation Shades Catering to Golden Undertones

Colourpop offers a variety of foundation shades designed specifically for those with golden undertones. Look for shades with “G” or “Y” in the name, indicating golden or yellow undertones. Some top picks include the No Filter Foundation in shades like Medium 100 and Medium Dark 120, which are tailored for golden undertones. As always, it’s crucial to test a few shades to find the one that blends seamlessly with your skin for a flawless finish.


In conclusion, Colourpop offers a fantastic range of foundation options for those with medium yellow undertones, including warm, olive, and golden hues. With their No Filter Foundation and No Filter Liquid Foundation, you’re sure to find your perfect match that will provide a seamless, natural-looking complexion. By understanding your undertones and experimenting with different shades and products, you can create a makeup look that enhances your natural beauty and makes you feel confident and fabulous. So go ahead, gorgeous—find your perfect Colourpop foundation match and let your inner radiance shine!


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