Experiencing Bloody CHAPTER? This is the cause and how to overcome it

Bloody stools during pregnancy can be caused by various factors, one of which is hemorrhoids, also known as hemorrhoids or hemorrhoids. Bloody stools during pregnancy tend to be easy to treat and can even subside on their own.
Causes and How to Overcome Bloody CHAPTER During Pregnancy
Here are the causes of bloody stools during pregnancy and how to overcome them, which are important for pregnant women to know:
Hemorrhoids (piles or hemorrhoids)
Hemorrhoids occur when the blood vessels in the anus swell and cause complaints of pain, itching, and even bleeding during bowel movements (BAB). The appearance of blood during this bowel movement occurs when hard stool hits the swollen blood vessels in the anus, causing the blood vessels to tear or burst.
To prevent bloody stools due to hemorrhoids, pregnant women are not recommended to push too hard. Increase your fiber intake from fruits and vegetables as well as water intake. This habit will launch the digestive system and make stool texture softer.
Pushing too long or too hard
The process of pushing too hard or too long during bowel movements is generally caused by large and hard stools. This condition is at risk of causing injury to the lining of the anus (anal fissure), resulting in bloody stools.
To prevent the above conditions, always increase your fiber and fluid intake, and don’t procrastinate when you feel the urge to defecate. The habit of holding bowel movements makes the stool hard and so that later it takes more effort when pushing.
Rubbing the anus roughly
The habit of rubbing the anus too hard or rough can cause the surface of the anus to hurt and bleed. Therefore, pregnant women should wash the anus with water after defecating rather than using a tissue.
However, if you are used to using tissue, choose wet wipes without scent and without alcohol. Then, use a dry tissue to dry the anal area, by rubbing or patting gently, not by rubbing.
From the explanation above, pregnant women now know what are the causes of bloody stools during pregnancy and how to overcome them. Although bloody stools during pregnancy are not a serious problem, pregnant women still have to pay attention to the accompanying symptoms.
If indeed the complaint of bloody bowel movements during pregnancy does not subside or actually worsens, immediately consult a doctor. This is important so that pregnant women receive safe and appropriate examinations and treatment.

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