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Makeup artists know that the best beauty hacks start with a great makeup product. From blush to contour, mascara to brows, bronzer to highlighter – it’s all about the perfect combination of products and techniques. When it comes to exceptional makeup hacks, there are a few secrets you should keep in mind. For starters, use a primer to create a smooth base before applying any other makeup. To achieve a natural-looking complexion, blend your blush along your cheekbone and add a touch of highlighter for an extra glow. When it comes to mascara, focus on your lash line and avoid clumping. For brows, use a pencil or powder to fill in sparse areas and brush through until blended evenly. Winged eyeliner is always sultry and gives your look an edge; focus on the outer corner of your eye for the perfect wing shape. Finally, set everything with translucent powder so that your makeup won’t be cakey by the end of the day. With these tips in mind, you can create an exceptional look every time!

Makeup is a beautiful art that is only enhanced with regular practice. However, just like there is a loophole in everything in this big, wide, and beautiful universe— similarly, there are a few beauty hacks that you can follow while doing your makeup. These little hacks not only improve your makeup skills but also enhance your overall look while saving you time.

These hacks take minimal time and make the best of your makeup. It also makes your makeup stay longer, rather than just look better. So, let us get started with the 5 best makeup beauty hacks that every makeup junkie should know, whether beginner or pro!

What Are The 5 Best Makeup Beauty Hacks You Must Know?

Here are the 5 best makeup beauty hacks that will change your beauty game forever and we promise once you try them out, you won’t be able to do without them:

Using White Eyeliner To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger And More Beautiful

To make your eyeshadow look more vibrant, thereby making your eyes appear bigger and more beautiful, it is advised to use white eyeliner. All you have to do is blend the white eyeliner all over your eyelids before starting your makeup. Thereafter, apply your eyeshadow and notice your eyeshadow pop up in no time. Another trick is to apply the white eyeshadow in the inner corners of the eyes and get a bold and beautiful look instantly.

Get The Perfect Lip Shade By Making An ‘X’ Over Your Lips

Tried many lip liners, glosses, and matte lip shades but still cannot fill your lips the way you desire? This hack is what you need to apply in your daily life. Simply make an ‘X’ using a lip liner similar to the shade of your lipstick that aligns perfectly with your natural lip line. Now, softly fill all the blocks of the ‘X’ created by you with the lip shade you had planned to wear. Get ready to impress the crowd with perfectly shaded lips!

Use The Geometrical Pattern Of A Triangle To Conceal Your Under Eyes

Don’t want your insomnia to reflect in your pictures? Well, a concealer can be your savior in such a case! But many people do not understand why their eyes still look baggy even after using a good amount of concealer. The trick here is to simply draw a triangle in your undereye area — the tip of the triangle should be pointing towards your cheeks. Blend it well and be ready for brighter eyes with no dark circles or under-eye bags — looking absolutely stunning by creating the best professional looks

Flaunt Your Smokey Eyes Attained With The Hashtag Sign

Want the Diva-like eyes? The smokey eyes look is calling out for you! Do not stress over messing it up, here is what you can do- draw a hashtag (#) using a kajal or black eyeshadow or pencil at the outer lid of your eye. Now, simply blend it inwards and get a smoking hot eye look without much hassle! Complete the look with eyeliner and probably some glitter or alternate shade on your outer eyelid and lower waterline!

Curl Your Eyelashes Faster And Make Them Look Denser

If using false lashes is not your thing, that does not mean you cannot fulfill your dream of attaining a bold and deep look with dense and long eyelashes. Let us tell you the ultimate secret to having longer lashes using an eyelash curler and a hairdryer. Yes, you heard it right— a hairdryer! Bring your hairdryer to more uses than just settling your hair. Turn your hairdryer on and heat the eyelash curler at the usual temperature. Now, leave it to cool down and use it for longer and fuller eyelashes.

The above-mentioned hacks will do wonders for your makeup routine. These hacks are easy to imply, take really less time, and instantly give a radiating look to your makeup. So if you feel that the cherry on the cake is missing for your makeup look then go ahead and try them out and rule the reign with your beauty game! Do not forget to complete your makeup with a setting spray and blotting paper— looks like we just gave your more beauty hacks!

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