Causes and How to Overcome Small Breasts

The growth of female breasts begins at puberty. When women are 8-13 years old, the body will begin to produce and release the hormone estrogen. As a result, fat in the connective tissue in the breast also unites and enlarges.
This extra fat is what causes a woman’s breasts to start growing bigger. It is also during this time that women will begin to get their period for the first time.
A woman’s breasts can continue to grow during her teens and even into her early 20s. Breast size can vary between women. Some have large breasts, small breasts, and even asymmetrical breasts, where the right and left breasts are different sizes.
Causes of Small Breasts
Small breasts can be caused by several factors below, including:
If your mother’s breast size is large, chances are that you also have large breasts. Vice versa, if your mother has small breasts.
Having more fat in your body makes you more likely to have bigger breasts. Even when you start to lose weight diligently by exercising and maintaining a diet, one of the first limbs to shrink is the breast.
As you approach menopause, your levels of the hormone estrogen drop dramatically. As a result, the glandular tissue in the breasts also shrinks, and the breasts become smaller, less dense, more fatty, and sagging.
Breast hypoplasia
Breast hypoplasia is a condition in which breast tissue does not develop properly, resulting in a small breast size.
The cause of this condition is not known with certainty, but it is thought to be caused by congenital abnormalities, heredity, or side effects of radiation therapy in the chest area in childhood.
How to Overcome Small Breasts
If small breasts make you feel insecure or uncomfortable, there are several ways to make your breasts appear firmer and bigger, including:
1. Sports
Exercises that focus on the chest, back, and shoulder muscles are believed to help improve posture and tighten and strengthen the chest muscles behind the breast tissue. Here are exercises to tone the chest muscles:
  • Do push ups 12 times, repeat three times.
  • Straighten your arms in front of you with your palms together, then open them so that your hands are straight beside your shoulders. Repeat this movement for one minute.
  • Straighten your arms out to your sides, then make circular motions back and forth for one minute each.
  • Bend your arms at your sides to form a U-shape. Open and close your arms back and forth.
  • Sleep on your back, hands holding dumbbells, legs bent. Lift both hands up and down again 12 times, repeat three times.
2. Push-up bra
Using a push-up bra makes the breasts lift so that small breasts look fuller. You can also make small breasts look bigger by adding a bra pad or foam to the bra.
3. Massaging breasts
Massaging the breasts is thought to increase blood flow and stimulate collagen production in the breasts. Later it can tighten muscles and increase the growth of breast tissue so that small breasts look bigger. However, this has not been supported by scientific evidence and research.
4. Improve posture
Walking and sitting with an upright body position makes small breasts look bigger. This can be done as a short-term solution to increase your self-confidence even though you have small breasts.
5. Breast augmentation surgery
The only surefire way to make small breasts fuller and firmer is to have breast augmentation surgery using implants. There are at least two types of breast implants, namely those containing sterile saline and silicone.
Saline implants are believed to be safer to use than silicone implants. If it leaks, even a little, silicone implants can damage the immune system. While saline implants will be safely absorbed or removed from the body.
However, make sure you find out the risks and costs of breast implants by consulting your doctor before undergoing breast augmentation surgery.
The effectiveness of each way of dealing with small breasts above is different. By far, the best level of effectiveness in improving the shape of the breast is by surgery, because it provides a permanent effect.
If you are not satisfied with small breasts, you can try some of the ways above to help change the impression of your breast shape. But to make sure that small breasts are not the result of a serious medical condition, you are advised to consult a doctor.

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