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How to Overcome Swollen Feet During Pregnancy

How to Overcome Swollen Feet During Pregnancy Most pregnant women often experience swollen feet or oedema in the legs during pregnancy. Swelling can appear anytime, but this complaint is usually more common during the second and third trimesters of pregnancy. Feet swelling, sometimes called edema, affects approximately eight out of 10 pregnancies. Swelling can also […]

This is How to Overcome Pubic Pain During Pregnancy

Pain in the genitals during pregnancy is generally caused by the work of the hormone relaxin which makes the pubic bones stretch at the end of pregnancy to prepare for the birth of the baby. Pain is usually felt around the pubic, precisely above the pubic bone. Some pregnant women also feel pain in the […]

How to Overcome a Bloated Stomach During Pregnancy

Flatulence is a condition when the stomach feels tight and full. Your stomach will also feel bigger than usual when you experience bloating. This of course can cause discomfort for anyone, especially for pregnant women. Complaints of flatulence can be felt at any time during pregnancy. However, some pregnant women may feel bloated more often […]

Don’t worry, here’s how to deal with vaginal discharge

Vaginal discharge can occur because the walls of the vagina and cervix have glands that produce fluids or lubricants. This fluid is produced as a form of defense of a woman’s body to maintain the health of her intimate organs. Normal vaginal discharge is generally milky white or clear, odorless, and does not itch or […]

Disturbing vaginal discharge and how to deal with it

Normally, vaginal discharge will appear clear or slightly cloudy, odorless, and does not cause itching. This vaginal fluid will be more and more viscous before menstruation. Vaginal discharge itself is actually the body’s natural way to clean female sex organs. In addition, its function is also to maintain moisture, as a lubricant, and protect the […]